Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

After yesterday's post, and today's demise of my Facebook account, I found myself with a newfound desire to write. So I pulled out the first three quarters of the novel I wrote for Nano last year ( for those who are curious) and started reading with the intention of doing some serious editing.
Much to my great surprise, the book is good. Like ACTUALLY GOOD! Good in the sense that if I'd bought it from my mother's fabulous bookstore, I might have finished it in one reading. I could hardly contain my excitement. Does it need work? Of course. When you write a book (or the beginning of one) in thirty days, there are lots of mistakes and inconsistencies. But story-wise? I was pretty impressed with myself.
I've recently learned to embrace the gifts God's given you. Not just the big, in-your-face, obvious to the world gifts, but those little things in you. You know, the times when you say "I'd really like to do ........" or "I really wish I could........" Do you think that desire is there for nothing? Absolutely not! God gave you those desires, he gave you a passion for whatever it might be, however small you might think it is. If you can't get that awesomely good thought and desire out of your mind, guess who keeps putting it there? Every good thing comes from God, in case you hadn't heard.
Anyways, I said all that to say that I'm so excited to have made time to write!

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Wendy said...

How awesome is this! Looking forward to great stuff, Jule.