Saturday, May 22, 2010


I have mixed feelings today.

Happy that I'm deleting my Facebook account, and getting rid of what has become a royal waste of time. Sad that in deleting my account, only two of my 150 "friends" care to have my contact information. (family not included - you know where to find me)

Happy that I could help some people out today, sad about the things I didn't get to help out on. I need to make myself more available, and remind people that I'm willing and able.

Happy that I have some new writing ideas, sad that I'm not always sure how to get things from my head into story form. But getting rid of Facebook is giving me more time to read, and that always helps to inspire.

I've been thinking lately about how people think of me - not in a negative, trying to keep up with the Joneses way, but just wondering how I'm perceived. Some things that I'd like people to think of me for, they obviously don't, but other things that I'm asked for are probably not in my primary skill set. Maybe I need a personal resume to distribute?

In everything I do, however, I'm trying to do it to the best of God's ability that's been placed in me. Work, family, church - all needs to be done with a grateful heart. But in everything that I do for other people, I still need to find some time for me. I bought a pretty new Bible to keep at work about a month ago, and I finally opened it this week. Not having the online distraction of other people's distant lives on Facebook gave me a great opportunity to delve back into God's Word. And it was GOOD!

This is a rambling post.....I'm restless. Physically and spiritually and mentally. Restlessness without focus is wandering, that's not where I want to go. I may not know my destination, but I'm forging a path......

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Wendy said...

Very well written, precious girl, and very profoundly said. I love this.