Monday, July 6, 2009

The Loose Tooth

My son has his first loose tooth. Not remembering how old I was when I lost my first tooth, I scoured the internet to make sure that he was the right age for this. Satisfied that he was not too young, I started prepping him for the situation. (Caleb is a logical kid, and likes to be advised of all possible outcomes to any scenario so that he's not surprised when anything happens)

Mommy: Caleb, your tooth is going to fall out pretty soon.
Caleb: But I need my tooth. (He says this while he's wiggling it with his finger)
Mommy: Well, you'll get a new, bigger one in a month or two. (Caleb is satisfied with this answer. Mommy, however, is concerned at Caleb's lack of concern)
Caleb: So what do you think the Tooth Fairy is going to bring me? How does she know what I like?
Mommy: I'm pretty sure she'll bring you money so that you can get whatever you want. But you don't get anything if you swallow the tooth. (Caleb is unfazed by this)
Caleb: I won't swallow it. (Mommy is not convinced)
Mommy: Do you want me to help you pull it out to make sure?
Caleb: No thank you. I think I'll just wait for it to fall out on its own.

He goes to play after this and leaves me thinking. We always talk about how impatient kids are, but really we're the impatient ones. Caleb has no issue with waiting for this tooth, even when he knows that there is a reward at the end. Also, he knows that it will probably be a little painful if he would pull it out before it's ready.
There's a spiritual lesson to be learned here. How often are we so impatient with God that we are even willing to endure a little pain to get the results faster? Don't you think that God has a reason for waiting? Showing a little patience can probably save a little pain, as well.
Remember, He knows best.