Friday, June 5, 2009

Revival Fire

We've been talking lots about revival in church and homegroup lately, and for the first time ever, things are starting to sink in. We often use the words revival and fire to mean different things, but really they are one. I'm an avid watcher of all things CSI, so I know that fire requires three things: Something to burn (either substance or accelerant), a spark to start the fire, and oxygen to keep it burning. Apply spiritual principals, and you have:

Something to burn - This is your foundation in the Word. Without this, you can get all excited about something, but the excitement quickly dissipates when there is nothing for it to grasp onto.

A spark - This is prayer. Whether it be in the Spirit, or with your understanding, prayer is what gets your fire going. I heard someone say once that you can measure a person's spiritual life by their prayer habits.

Oxygen - This is your faith. Without applied faith, Word is just words and prayer is just talking to yourself.

No fire will burn without these three components - they are the basis of revival. And they start in you. You are responsible for your own fire - and it can be contagious and "spark" someone else's.

Another point: Revival and revelation go hand in hand. They are inseparable. If you believe that you are part of the revival but are not seeing new things revealed to you in the Word of God, then you are only along for the ride and missing the revival.


Wendy said...

I like this - thanks for sharing!

Rick Modien said...

Well done, Julie. I really like your writing and the well thought out meaning of your posts.