Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pondering the circle of life....

It's sad, joyous, and just plain interesting. My weekend has been a study on the circle of life. A good friend of mine from bible college passed away on Friday, and another friend of mine welcomed a baby into the world early Saturday morning and yet another was married on Saturday afternoon. I've been thinking about how just as God adds another member to heaven, he sends another down to be with us. Not that He's in the business of trading a life for a life - I would never believe that He's that kind of God. It's just made me think about how short life can be, and how much time we (me) have spent wasting it on things that are of no consequence. I guess it's another step on finding the meaning of life, how to live it to the fullest and be happy. There are different degrees of all those things, and I have and understanding to an extent on all of them. But is there a pinnacle to be reached? I don't think so. The friend of mine that passed away still will have her work on earth continuing after her physical body has left this planet. Her spirit and outlook on life was pretty amazing, even though we hadn't been in contact in recent years, even though her doctors had never been optimistic. I've already learned from her, and I'm in a pensive mood as I continue to draw from her example.

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