Friday, July 13, 2007

Counting down....

Word of advice to anyone out there buying a brand new house: make sure you know what is coming with the house! We do know (or at least I hope we do) which makes it easier to shop. New blinds: $1200. Security system: $1200. Recording studio: $35,000. Basement suite: $10000. Hawaii trip: $5000. It adds up. At least it was budgeted for. It's nice to be about to enjoy the reward of having bought into the real estate market five years ago.
Caleb, however, is not enjoying anything. He's starting to act out - somehow thinking that we're packing everything into oblivion. The childcare people at the gym this morning had to give him a couple of time outs resulting from his possessiveness of the toys. I'm hoping this phase will be over when we actually move and start unpacking things.
I need to figure out how to use this blog. At some point in the distant past I was completely up to date with the computer goings-on. Very different now. There are just too many options! For now I'll just blame my ignorance on the laptop.
It's nearing my quiet time....bedtime looms for the boys, and the football game is starting for mommy. I might live in BC, but I still bleed green and love my Riders.....

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